Come cook “in” France from anywhere in the world

With the power of social media you can be in your kitchen anywhere in the world and talk to, listen to and watch a cookery course online and now you can do this with your very own teacher. Unlike many online cookery courses, this isn’t just a video or a generic class or demonstration for everyone. I offer personal one on one live cookery classes, just as if you were really with me, rather than virtually, in my own kitchen. They can be taylored to your likes and dislikes. We will discuss the menu ahead of the class, and work out a shopping list and just where you can get all the ingredients you need, local to you.

I will demonstrate, prepare and cook some of your favourite French dishes in real time, along with you in your home, stopping when necessary to make sure you are doing everything right. It really is like you are here, with me in France, and the dishes you cook will be as authentic as they could ever be.