Welcome to this 8 week course in French cooking where you will learn much more than just how to cook French dishes. You will learn the history, methodology and skills required to cook truly fabulous dishes from around France, with classic stocks and sauces; meat, poultry and seafood recipes, as well as learning the art of pastry making and baking. We will work together to make sure that you understand everything you need in order to become a confident and well informed cook of French cuisine.

Although I will be there with you at each stage, you will be working at your own pace, in your own kitchen. You will receive each lesson weekly, and each one will include videos, tutorials, printable recipes, check lists, Q+A’s of the basics. Each course has a limit of 20 cooks so that you can receive personal feedback, encouragement and confirmation of everything you do.

You will need to set aside 3-4 hours each week for the practical cooking session, as well as time to read everything ahead of this in order to check shopping and ingredient requirements as well as get a good grasp of exactly what we will be cooking each week. At the end of the 8 week course you will well versed in the art of French cooking, but more than this you will be a more able and confident cook.

Course structure

Week 1 - Introduction to French cooking, food, ingredients, methodology, equipment and mis en place and knife skills. To include 2 recipes

Week 2 - Stocks + Sauces. You will discover just why French stocks and sauces are the basis to not only French cuisine, but international cooking. To include 4 recipes

Week 3 - Soups + Salads + Eggs. From a simple soup to a classic omelette, this epitomises regional French cooking and will introduce some of our stocks learned from the previous week. To include 4 recipes

Week 4 - Meat + Poultry. The mainstay of French cooking. The French have an almost reverential attitude to all things meat, which often includes what today has become known as ‘nose to tail eating’ . To include 4 recipes

Week 5 - Fish + Shellfish. With the enormous Atlantic coastline, plus the warmer waters of the Mediterranean, the French utilise the bounty this provides with many truly memorable, and perhaps best known of all French classics. To include 4 recipes

Week 6 - Pastries + Tarts. You will learn to master the art of French pastry, as we cover all the main types of pastry and the dishes they make. To include 6 recipes.

Week 7 - Vegetables + fruits. With seasonal produce being at the heart of French cooks and cooking, we will discover some simple but wonderful classics using a few simple, but high quality ingredients. To include 5 recipes

Week 8 - Breads + Baking. From a French baguette to a herb infused flat bread, France has a wealth of wonderful breads. Again the regionality of their dishes will shine through with recipes that use locally produced flours, nuts and cereals. To include 5 recipes.


Please email me if you wish to be notified of future course dates. You can also click on this link for upcoming dates or on the link above in the navigation menu.


This 8 week course costs 350€

Is this course suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you are a beginner, this course is designed to be easily understood, with lots of helpful videos, tips and Q+A forums to get you through any sticky bits. For more experienced cooks, you will find lots of extra info that you perhaps hadn’t realised was missing from your repertoire.