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Pastry making

This is a 6 course taking an in depth look into the art of pastry making and covers all the classic types of pastry and the dishes with which it is used. Despite many peoples fears of making their own pastry, by following some simple techniques and with me guiding you all the way, you will soon be rolling, folding and baking to your hearts content.

Week 1 - Basics Introduction to pastry making. We look at the history and how pastry is the backbone to many sweet and savoury dishes around the world. We will learn about all the technical aspects including the chemistry behind baking, temperature, fats, flours, timings and equipment. A less of a hands-on cooking week, but a vital step into learning to be a better pastry cook.

Week 2 - Shortcrust Pastry Here we will begin with classic shortcrust pastry and then explore the different types of shortcrust and how best to use it. We will bake both sweet and savoury dishes using each type of shortcrust.

Week 3 - Puff, Flaky + Rough Puff Often people shy away from what is considered a ‘too difficult’ pastry to make and why make when you can buy. So take this lesson and you will see that there is a huge difference in flavour and texture once you master the actually quite simple process, you will a tryer and not a buyer.

Apricot and lavender puff pastry tart

Week 4 - Choux + Hot Water Crust Pastry Here we have two different ways of making pastry using hot water with very differenet results. We will make some delicious desserts and savoury meat pies.

Week 5 - Yeasted Pastries Yet another very different type of pastry using strong flour and yeast, resulting in feather light pastries such as croissants and cinnamon buns.Week 6 - Filo and Brik Pastry Our final pastry type looks at filo pastry and brik pastry both very much prevalent in Middle Eastern and North African cooking. Although we will learn how it is made traditionally, the recipes will use shop bought pastry to make some exciting and wonderful dishes.


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This 6 week course costs 250€

Is this course suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you are a beginner, this course is designed to be easily understood, with lots of helpful videos, tips and Q+A forums to get you through any sticky bits. For more experienced cooks, you will find lots of extra info that you perhaps hadn’t realised was missing from your repertoire.