Welcome to La Tablée Dining Club

In early 2018 Come Cook In France joined celebrated workshop venue Les Soeurs Anglaises in the Dordogne, to host a series of one-off dining experiences. Katie and Mike Armitage are the owners of LSA and regularly host creative workshops, music events, comedy events and even intimate weddings at their stunning home and accommodation venue L’Espace and Le Briançon, just outside Verteillac, SW France.

Meaning ‘Sharing a meal’ in French, La Tablée is a private dining club allowing us to offer food, wine and beer for an intimate group of guests. It is a collaboration between 3 people, 100% passionate about fine wines, fine food and the pleasures of sharing a meal. We host between 4-6 events a year with seasonally inspired menus. These are planned by myself and Mike, an experienced wine collector and expert in vintage French, Spanish and Italian wines. With Katie’s amazing talent for hosting parties and events, it is a truly wonderful dining experience.

Check out or final dinner of 2019

A delicious festive dinner for our members and friends of La Tablée is a great way to end our first year of occasional one-off dinners.

Take a look at our first 3 dinners over 2018

Asian Menu


Betel leaves with smoked trout

Thai green curry with prawns

Stick caramel pork and rice

Green papaya salad

Roasted pineapple with coconut ice cream

Italian Menu


Trio of crostini

Grilled asparagus, burrata, pea pesto

Slow braised chicken with olives and grilled polenta

Trio Italian cheese with salad leaves

Chocolate torte, coffee cream

Summer Menu


Chilled pea and wasabi soup

Zucchini carpaccio and goat cheese

Provencal seafood, rouille, Parmesan crisps

Trio of cheese with salad leaves

Lemon and lavender tart with meringues